The databases and online tools

Management system

  • Field Management System (FMS)

    FMS provides access to a rich set of management information and management events about experimental fields for research and teaching. It is only used for the registered person, usually the insider.

Omics analysis

  • Kiwifruit Genome Database (KGD)

    The updated version of KIR (Kiwifruit Information Resource), which currently contains all publicly available genome and gene sequences, gene annotations, biochemical pathways, transcriptome profiles derived from public RNA-Seq datasets, and comparative genomic analysis results such as syntenic blocks and homologous gene pairs between different kiwifruit genome assemblies.

  • Kiwifruit Information Resource (KIR)

    KIR is a database that maintains and integrates comprehensive datasets on functional genomics and transcriptomics for kiwifruit (Actinidiaceae). It aims to be a comprehensive online platform for users to search, visualize, download, retrieve literature and perform cross-species queries iwth unrestricted public access.

  • Predicted Tomato Interactome Resource (PTIR)

    PTIR provides predicted protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in tomato, which derived from experimentally determined orthologous interactions in six model organisms.

Plant phenotype

  • Plant Amino Acid Substitutions (PAAS)

    PAAS collects single amino acid substitutions as well as their corresponding protein informations. It bridges the communication gap regarding protein variants and plant phenotype effects.

Fruit studies

  • Fruit development and ripening (FR) database

    FR database provides detailed information for 904 genes derived from 53 organisms reported to participate in fleshy fruit development and ripening.

  • Penicillium-Crop Protein-Protein Interactions (PCPPI) database

    PCPPI database is predicted and constructed based on experimentally determined orthologous interactions in pathogen-plant systems as well as available domain-domain interactions (DDIs) in each PPI.